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Things You Should Bring When Putting Your Pet in a Pet Boarding Oregon Coast Place

To make your pet comfortable in a pet boarding Oregon Coast facility, you should bring the stuff that he loves. This will make your pet feel like he is not far away from home; thus, he will not feel stressed even when you are away from your pet.

Things to Bring to Pet Boarding Facilities

When you are dropping off or sending your pet to a pet boarding facility, you should always bring these things along – except when there is already available stuff in the facility.

  • Pet Food

Make sure that you bring your pet’s food when you leave him in a pet boarding facility. Calculate how much food he will consume all throughout his stay before packing up. You should pack extra food just in case you need to extend his vacation while you are away.

There are pet boarding facilities that only require a small quantity of pet food, especially if you are going to leave your pet for a long period of time. This is for the transition process only. Your pet’s regular diet will slowly be transitioned to the diet that the facility regularly provides to their tenants to avoid him having digestive problems. Ask the pet boarding facility for the quantity of pet food that you should bring for an extended duration of your pet’s stay.  Learn more about beach house rentals Oregon coast.

  • Pet Treats

You should also pack some treats so that your pet will still be able to enjoy his favorites while you are gone. This will help the pet boarding staff in training your pet. This will also prevent your pet from feeling stressed or distressed while you are away.

  • Toys

You should also never forget to bring along your pet’s favorite toys so that he will feel like he is at home away from home. This will make your pet feel comfortable in his new environment.

This will also enable your pet to have something to share with his fellow tenants while he is making friends in a pet boarding Oregon Coast facility.

  • Medicines and Supplements

If your pet is taking supplements or medication, you should never forget to pack adequate amount of the stuff. Put the medication and supplements in sturdy containers and include complete instructions on how and when to administer them to your pet.

Be sure to talk with the pet boarding’s staff about your pet’s supplements and medication so that they will be well aware of your pet’s needs.

  • Kennel or Bedding

If your pet is used to sleeping in his own bed, it will be helpful if you bring it along. Just ask if the facility will allow you to bring your pet’s bedding because some facilities already provide bedding and kennel for their tenants. Mostly, this is to prevent the spread of ticks and fleas in the facility and other pets for some bedding have parasites that pet parents are not aware of.

Be sure to ask the pet boarding facility staff before bringing anything for your pet so that you will not face any problems during your pet’s check-in.


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