Pet Boarding Oahu, Hawaii

Services Offered in Pet Boarding Oahu, Hawaii

If you are vacationing at Oahu, Hawaii and you’re bringing your pets along, you might want to check out some of the pet boarding establishments in the area. You might also want to get to know more about the services offered in pet boarding Oahu, Hawaii.

Pet Boarding in Oahu

Here are some of the establishments and the available services that pet sitters offer in Hawaii. Make sure that you check them out while booking for your vacation so that you can book for your pet’s stay too.

  • Pets Are Inn

Pets Are Inn provides pet boarding by having ‘host families’ take care of your pet while you are away. These ‘host families’ are very accommodating to pets and would follow your feeding instructions to ensure that your pet is happy and comfortable during his stay at his ‘temporary family’. Laniaki Vacation Rentals information or other Hawaii vacation rentals at this site.

You need to make sure that your pet’s vaccine is updated so that your pet will be accepted. You can also do a titer test if your pet is allergic to vaccines to ensure that he is safe and would not spread any illnesses on the ‘host family’ and other pets.

  • Pampered Pets Hawaii

Pampered Pets Hawaii offer grooming and boarding services not only to dogs and cats but also to other kinds of pets like birds, guinea pigs, bunnies and smaller caged pets. This is a great place to leave your pets at when you are vacationing all around Hawaii because the staff is very accommodating and very loving to animals.

You just have to make sure that your dogs or cats are spayed and neutered. Also, the vaccinations of your pets should be updated. You also have to bring your pet’s food if the stay is shorter than 14 days. If the stay is longer than two weeks, you should only bring 5 days worth of food for the transitioning process.

  • Ohana Doggie Day Care and Spa

This day care and spa establishment for dogs provides boarding and grooming services for your canine friends. You can drop off your dog and head straight to your destination without worrying about your dog’s safety and comfort. The boarding service is cage-free that includes day care activities to keep your dog busy and happy while you are away.

This boarding service provider also offers grooming services that will surely make your dog feel pampered and relaxed.

  • Ko’olau Bed & Biscuit

This pet boarding service provider is one of the best pet boarding providers in Hawaii that you can ever find. By just looking at the suites where your dog will be staying during his vacation, you will instantly see why this is a great place.

Aside from the wonderful suites for your pet, the services and the care that the staff offers are also commendable. The food preparation area is obviously clean and well maintained as well as the exercise area and the big yard for your dog’s outdoor play activities.

Whenever you want to make your pet have a vacation of his own, you should make sure to check these pet boarding establishments out before heading to your own vacation spot.


Services Offered by Pet Boarding Companies in Oahu, Hawaii

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