Best Pet Friendly Hotels Oregon Coast

Top 5 Best Pet Friendly Hotels Oregon Coast

Traveling with your pet can be quite a hassle if you cannot find a pet friendly hotel in Oregon Coast. Thankfully there are some of the best pet friendly hotels Oregon Coast that you can stay at during your business or vacation in the city. These hotels offer special treats and great accommodation to pets such as canines and felines.

Top 5 Pet Friendly Hotels

Here are the top 5 pet friendly hotels in Oregon Coast:

  • Looking Glass Inn

This luxurious hotel is one of the best pet friendly hotels Oregon Coast because they provide quality service to your pooch while charging only minimal fees. On arrival, your dog will receive a dog basket that contains dog bowls, dog towels, pooper scooper bags, dog treats and dog sheets. A little note of welcome is also included in the cute basket.

The rate per dog is quite small for just $10 per dog – maximum of two dogs per room. This is one of the cheapest dog rates that you can ever find. You can view their favorite dog guests on their dog blog.

  • Cannery Pier Hotel

This 3-star hotel is quite pet friendly. The hotel’s staff is quite accommodating even to your pets and would provide all the services that they could offer for your pooch. They provide dog treats, dog food and luxurious dog bed. They also provide bottled waters for your dog to make sure that your pet won’t get sick from drinking unsanitary water.

The pet fee is $25 per day per pet. Also, there are limited numbers of pet friendly rooms so make sure that you call for reservation before bringing your pet along.

  • Surfsand Resort

This resort and hotel in one accepts dogs of any size, which is great if you have two pooches that are heavier than 25 pounds – the standard dog weight limit of most hotels. They also provide dog treats and doggie beds to their four-legged guests.

Their rate per pet per day is only $15; quite cheaper than most pet rates in other hotels.

  • Coast Cabins

Coast Cabins is not just a pet friendly hotel; it is one of the best hotels in the Oregon Coast – voted number one hotel in the area of Manzanita, Oregon by hotel reviewers who have stayed in this hotel. You and your pooch will surely love staying in their cottages because of the luxurious bed and their relaxing tub.

The rate per pet is $25 per night of stay plus $30 cleaning fee. Make sure that you include your pet in your reservation so that you will be reserved with accommodations that allow pets.

  • Rivertide Suites

Rivertide has been voted the second best hotel in the seaside area of Oregon – out of 22 hotels. Thus, you will have an idea what kinds of service this hotel provides. They offer dog treats and clean-up tools when you check in with your pooch.

The hotel charges $25 per dog per night and the owner has to sign a pet policy contract at check-in.


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