Best Pet Friendly Hotels Oahu, Hawaii

Services Offered by the Best Pet Friendly Hotels Oahu, Hawaii

If you are planning a grand vacation at Oahu, you might want to check the services that some of the best pet friendly hotels Oahu, Hawaii offer. Because pets are also guests in these hotels, you will find magnificent services that will not only pamper you but also your pet.

Services for Your Companion

Here are some of the hotels and the services that they offer for you and your beloved companions:

  • Pet Amenities

Aqua Waikiki Pearl accepts two dogs per room so you can bring your pets during your stay in this hotel. Aside from the great amenities for you, the hotel also provides treats, linens and toys for your dogs if you happen to bring one – or two.  Learn more about house rentals in Hawaii at this site.

The hotel is quite pet-friendly as its floor –the 2nd floor – provides easy access so that you can walk your dog around the hotel.

There are small fees that you should pay per night of accommodation during you and your pet’s stay at this luxurious and cozy hotel.

  • Plush Doggie Bed and Treats

If you want your dog to enjoy your getaway, you should check out Trump International Hotel. This hotel offers luxurious amenities and treats to your four-legged companion. From plush dog beds to doggie treats, your companion will surely feel special and pampered all throughout your stay.

If you are too busy during your vacation, you can avail of the hotel’s dog walking services so that your dog will still be able to exercise and experience the cool and relaxing ambience outside while you are enjoying at the beach or attending to important meetings before hitting the waters.

  • Great Welcome and Accommodation

Your dog will surely feel pampered if you would stay at the Hotel Renew. This is one of the best pet friendly hotels in Oahu, Hawaii because of the services for your pets that it offers. Aside from the pampering services, your dog will also receive a special welcome note and treats upon you and your pet’s arrival.

Your pooch can accompany you on your stay at this hotel as long as he is less than 20 pounds. Additional charges each night of accommodation may apply when you let your dog stay with you in your hotel room – much better than leaving him at home or with someone who he doesn’t or barely know.

You can ask the staff for additional services that they can offer for your beloved pet if you think that your dog needs anything. All the staff members are happy to serve you and your pets with a friendly smile.

Each hotel offers treats to your canine friends. Just make sure that you bring everything that your pet needs so that his stay will be enjoyable, just like your vacation. There are foods, treats, bedding and services offered for your four-legged friend if you ever forget anything. There are various pet supplies that are offered in these hotels so you do not have to worry about your pet’s comfort and enjoyment during your grand vacation.


Services Offered by the Best Pet Friendly Hotels Oahu, Hawaii


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