Best Pet Boarding St. George, Utah

Choosing the Best Pet Boarding St. George, Utah Facility

Choosing the best pet boarding St. George, Utah facility is kind of hard. Because you need to look at various aspects before choosing the right pet boarding facility, you might feel overwhelmed. But you can make the process much easier if you know what to look for and what you should watch out for when looking for the best pet boarding facility in the area.

Choosing the Best Pet Boarding Location

There are lots of great pet boarding establishments in St. George, Utah so it might be hard for you to find the one that will suit your pet. So here are some guidelines in choosing the best facility for your four-legged friend:

  • Environment

One of the first things that you need to inspect when choosing a pet boarding facility is the environment. Make sure that the place is clean and the tools in the area won’t pose harm to your pet. Look at the plants at the garden or play area, if they have any, and make sure that the plants are not poisonous to pets. It is a good idea to have a list of poisonous plants and ask the staff if they have those kinds of plants.

  • Staff Attitude and Temperament

While talking with the staff of the pet boarding facility of your choice, try to figure out the attitude and temperament of the staff so that you will know if they are really caring for their pet tenants. It is best if you go to the facility to interview the staff before you make reservations for your pet’s stay.

  • Activities and Equipment

You should also check for the activities included in the pet boarding packages. Make sure that you discuss it with your pet’s veterinarian so that he can give you instructions on which activities are compatible with your pet and which ones should be avoided.  Proper cover from the heat of St. George weather should also be provided.

You should also check the equipment in the facility if they are safe to use and won’t cause any harm to your pet. Ask the staff in the pet boarding facility about certain tools if you think that they may be harmful or if you think that the tools are not compatible with your pet.

  • Prices

You should also compare the prices of various pet boarding facilities in St. George, Utah. This will enable you to determine which facilities offer the most services for affordable prices. Though, you should not base your decision solely on the price of their services. You should make sure that the services are good so that your pet will be safe, comfortable and happy; making the service worth your money.

Do not choose affordable services if you know that the facility cannot provide the best for your pet.

When looking for the best pet boarding facility, you should take time to consider all the aspects mentioned above. This will enable you to determine which establishment offers the best services. Thus, you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands while you are away; giving you peace of mind.

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